QUOTA. at Soil Art Gallery

Featuring the works of: Anissa Amalia, manuel arturo abreu, Natalie Ball, Isa Benn, Sabella D’Souza, Jueqian Fang, bart fitzgerald, Christopher Paul Jordan, mario lemafa, Rafia Santana, Asia Tail, Chuck Taylor, Gee Wesley, Ellen (Jing) Xu

Curators: Satpreet KahlonMel CarterAnisa Jackson

Quota. is a group show that asks artists of varying mediums, from varying places, at varying points in their careers, to respond to the same question: What kind of work would artists make if they felt none of the external and internal pressures that they normally face?

What results is a show that explores ideas of quotas – both unofficial and official – and how they limit and inhibit the kinds of works that different artists are expected to make.

Although it is admittedly impossible to remove all pressures from an artist as they create work, by creating an environment that intends to be as open as possible, Quota.encourages open dialogue, artistic exploration, and happily invites the possibility for failure.